L'Accademia Real Estate Agency in Lido di Camaiore near Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio, properties for sale in Versilia, in particular in Forte dei Marmi

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Viale Colombo 382 a Lido di Camaiore

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Below is a list of properties that match your search. The first result that appears is the most important, according to the data you entered for your search, the second is less considerable and so on until the end of the list.

Economic proposal

Price not available, contact us for more information

Bagno Forte dei Marmi

Type of negotiation: Sale

Zone: Forte dei Marmi

Reference Bagno Forte dei Marmi

Fort of the Marbles, in the central area, sold bathing establishment, info in agency.

Economic proposal

Price not available, contact us for more information

Bar Tabacchi

Type of negotiation: Management

Zone: lido di camaiore

Reference lido

SURRENDERS BAR TABACS. Lido di camaiore, thriving bar tobacco activities near the sea.Req. € 290mila tratt. Demonstrable Collections. The Academy real estate Lido di Camaiore-3939517492 0584616073

Why choose us?

Because the creators of this agency have perfected the art of real estate and commercial mediation on their skin, working actively for their companies over the coast.

Ecco perché nasce l'Immobiliare L'Accademia: per mettere al servizio degli altri l'esperienza che abbiamo maturato sul campo.

+39 0584 61 60 73
+39 393 95 17 492

Brokerage business

The Real Estate Agency L'Accademia is not only houses, but also commercial activities.

The knowledge of Versilia's area, of the type of economy, but above all awareness of what investors want, it allows us to range between the buying and selling a wide variety of commercial activities: bathing establishments, hotels, bar, restaurants, etc.